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Our Products

Our range of Building Insulation products include:
  • Supa-Fill, a machine blown loose wool fibre product for the ceiling with a thermal rating ranging from R3.2.
  • Wool slab & blanket materials for walls & ceilings.
  • Polyester backed wool blanket for underfloor.

What is Supa-Fill?

Supa-Fill is made from 100% genuine New Zealand sheep's wool, supplied by Natural Wool Products Ltd. The wool is cleaned and treated, ready to be installed by certified installers.

The wool is blown into the ceiling cavity via a blower and flexible hose. The process can be viewed by watching this short video clip.

Specific thermal values are achieved by insulating to a determined loft and density. Thermal values start at R3.2, which are ideal for topping up tired existing insulation, through to R5, suitable for new builds.

Calculations for thermal values provided by Natural Wool Products (NZ) Ltd

  R value Density/Weight Loft/Height
  R 3.2
R 3.6
R 4.0
R 4.5
R 5.0
1.8 kg
2.0 kg
2.3 kg
2.5 kg
2.9 kg
180 mm
200 mm
230 mm
250 mm
290 mm

Advantages of using a machine blown product
  • The machine aerates the wool fibres, creating thousands of tiny air pockets, trapping the warm air, creating a thermal barrier.
  • Supa-Fill can be blown as far as 5 metres, making it an ideal choice for insuating those hard to reach areas, insulating eave to eave.
  • Blown wool forms an even blanket over the ceiling joists, thus eliminating the possibility of unwanted air gaps - a common problem when insuating with a pre-cut slab.
  • Machine installation takes advantage of wool’s natural bonding properties ensuring that the product maintains its loft and will not settle.
  • A cost effictive and efficient option to wool slab and blanket.
    An ideal option as a top-up over inefficient insulation.
  • If the property has no interior loft access, it may be possible to install Supa-Fill by removing some of the roofing iron.

Government Insulation Scheme

Shear Comfort are not currently part of any Government Grant Scheme in NZ, although are proud to still remain competitive with those companies involved. Not being affiliated with a scheme does have some advantages as Shear Comfort are able to keep the process simple and ensure assessments and work are carried out promptly.

You, the customer can also choose whether you wish to insulate under the floor, without it being compulsory.


"The insulation is FANTASTIC!..... The whole house is holding the heat we put in here BEAUTIFULLY"

Robin Hume, Earnscleugh