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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do rats/mice like to live in the wool?
    No, as they are unable to walk through it.
  • Is Shear Comfort part of any NZ Government Grant Scheme?
    Not at present, although Shear Comfort offers a cost competitive and prompt service.
  • How does the price compare to other insulation products?
    The Supa-Fill installed cost is competitively priced against purchasing synthetic insualtion products, not inclusive of installation.
  • If the property has no loft access, can Supa-fill be installed?
    Yes, in some cases it may be possible to access the ceiling cavity by removing some roofing iron.
  • How does the thermal value compare to other insulation products?
    A thermal value (R value) is determined by thorough testing.  All products differ in weight and thickness to achieve the same R value.
  • Can Supa-fill be installed if the property has down-lights?
    Yes.  Covers are fitted over the downlights to prevent overheating of the light and or transformer.
  • Can the walls and underfloor be insulated with Supa-Fill?
    No, Supa-Fill is only suitable for insulating the ceiling cavity.

Feeding the Machine

"Very Satisfied with the job done. Has made a huge difference to our work area."

Trevor Hannah, Cromwell.